What is top10r?

Top10r is a place where you can create, save, rank and participate in lists of anything you want. You can find lists that other people have created, and save a version for yourself.

It's social.

Invite your friends to participate in any of the lists that you create by adding items to your list, creating their own ranked list in order of preference, and comparing it to yours. Top10r will then take each users ranked list and generate an overall top 10 list.

It's democratic.

Creating top 10 lists for yourself isn't just for fun, either. When you provide your ranking for any list, you are describing a complete picture of your preferences. This is better than a poll, for example, where each voter may only choose one of a selection of candidate options. Top10r uses a method to calculate the top overall candidates that is based on the work of democracy researchers across the world. Top10r uses the same method that many open sourced projects conduct their elections.

It's yours.

There's no telling what uses you will find for top10r, but we hope that you find it useful in your daily life.