Hillside this year saw lots of bands that I knew were amazing, but also introduced me to lots of new bands/acts. I couldn't see everything, but from what I did see, these are my favourites. Where do yours fit in?

  1. Zeus www.themusicofzeus.com
  2. My Son the Hurricane www.myspace.com
  3. Grand Analog radio3.cbc.ca
  4. Matt Anderson www.stubbyfingers.ca
  5. Shad www.shadk.com
  6. Holy Fuck www.holyfuckmusic.com
  7. Royal Wood www.royalwood.ca
  8. Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans www.corblund.com
  9. Socalled www.socalledmusic.com
  10. Frazey Ford www.myspace.com

* denotes an item that was randomly selected to resolve a tie

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