We're thinking about covering the TEDxWaterloo admissions process on this week's SlightlySauced podcast. Let us know what you think about the issue and we'll be sure to cover your thoughts on the show.

  1. Stop whining, you didn't get in, get over it already
  2. I'm not too concerned - @threefortynine in guelph plans on streaming them. threefortynine.com *
  3. The tickets should just be for sale instead
  4. Tickets are limited to maintain the 'cool factor' of TED events *
  5. Who cares? I'm going to a remote screening party, so it's all good
  6. It was too exclusive
  7. I got a ticket and I can't wait to go!
  8. What's TEDxWaterloo?
  9. Pfft I don't even listen to your stupid podcast! *
  10. Current process is ok, would be much better if more transparent *

* denotes an item that was randomly selected to resolve a tie

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